Tuesday, 22 January 2013


 Sunday last I went ahead and tackled the fifth one written on my fifteen by fifteen list. I put on my navy track suit bottoms that are warm but have more holes at the very bottom of the leg than i-don't-know-what and need to be sewn into shorts come summertime, that orange t-shirt that I got for a costume and never really wore (orange is not my colour) and a pullover on top to keep me warm. I put on a pair of white sports socks that I normally just use as socks because I don't really do much sport and then I slipped on those heavy runners and left the house.
 I jogged, concentrating on my breaths and slowing down before speeding up again. As we kept going, I'll admit I wanted to stop to take a breather or walk the rest of way home but I didn't. As I said, I kept going.
 My throat was dry by the time we reached the front door and I was relieved to get inside to take of my shoes and have a drink of water.
 For the next three days my joints ached but I was pleased with myself anyway.
 On the fourth day afterwards, I changed into my sports uniform and pulled on those same shoes. This time it was in a different setting and this time I wasn't going for a run. I walked over to the pitch where I met up with my friends and played soccer. With each second I improved as I watched my other team mates and learned from my mistakes. It was dark and raining when I panted away from the pitch. I took off my then mud-caked runners before I climbed into the car. My socks were a new colour and matched the bottom of my track suit bottoms - also a new dark brown hue. I was soaking but revelled in it.

 This year I want to be more active. For as much as it hurts, it does so much good and let's be honest here; it's actually kind of fun.

Anna x

 What do you think of sport?


  1. Hi again! That sounds nice. :) Personally, I'm on the indoor track team. I'm not going to say anything about exercise just in case my coach reads this.

  2. I love running, but you have to be really inspired to tackle it on any given day. My sport of choice is riding my bike. It's a beautiful experience, and a great transportation medium.


  3. Really liked this post, Anna! I personally love running, as I'm a cross country and track runner. I don't know, there's something about it, the wind playing with your hair, making it fly back; the constant pat-pat-pat of your feet against the ground; the simple speed of it all that I love. And, yes, it does hurt, and it does make you so sore, but it's definitely worth it.



Thank you for your words x

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