Sunday, 17 February 2013


 I suppose we had better go for tea and have a chat then, shall we?

 Okay, so here's some background; I was just at the cinema with my good friends and we saw Lès Miserables and ate over-priced popcorn and rubbish. I came home and then you called me and now we're going out for tea together.

 It'ss a comfy little place and we sitt near the back. It's almost twenty past three so we've arrived a little late for it to be lunch time and they're all out of croissants. We get four little almond biscuits to share instead, but you aren't that hungry and give me one of yours. I insist that you have it, but you do the same to me back and I admit it; I eat it. Unusual for me because almonds aren't really my thing, but I promise you these are different.

 You like tea without milk but with a dash of sugar. They give it to you in a big mug and you smile and thank the waiter. I'll also admit to not drinking tea and so get a hot chocolate instead. They put mini marshmallows on top of it but I take them off because I'm a vegetarian and those things aren't vegetarian friendly. The hot chocolate is good and warms me right up.

 For ages we smile and talk with our hands around our mugs and sometimes with our hands gripped around the pencil, scrawling a shopping list and doodling in the notebook you brought along.

 Now the last trickles of warmth are fading from our mugs, and as we get up to go we smile at each  other again.

 "I had such a lovely time. Thanks for the extra biscuit by the way," I say.

 "Yeah. It was so good. We must do this again."

 "We must."

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