Saturday, 22 March 2014

Fridge-Magnet Poetry

 My sister got a fridge-magnet poetry kit for Christmas, with a theme of 'unicorns'. Personally, I think not the best theme ever but over the past couple of months I've 'written' a few poems on the fridge. Here are some, in edited form;

 Then ask her in playful wonder,
 'Is a tame unicorn full of gold sparkle or ferocious poison',
 And a solitary star will be up there,
 More mysterious than the woman herself,
 Making you want to escape the cottage,
 And live invisible,
 As a unicorn would,
 Wandering alone.

 Play with that strong tail
 Of dragon-like strength,
 Danger which we wish to love.

 All good battles can save beasts
 Like him.

 If I were free from this,
 I'd always get through this forest
 But only so that they couldn't run with me.

What do you think!? What's your stance on poetry-writing?

Anna x


  1. I really like those! My favorite is the first one. Fridge-magnet poetry sounds really fun.

    1. Thanks Hannah! It most definitely is :) x

  2. these are so good! well done!

    i love poetry, with my absolute being one that i came across the other day titled something like When you are old. i might try and dig it up again and do a blog post on it or something, but it is literally one of the best ive ever read. its basically about this old woman who was once young and in love and once she picks up this poetry book she remembers the passion and excitement of it all. she reminices about her previous life and this boy of whom she absolutely adored, but then finished the book and the memories fade away. she then just gets up, puts the book back on the shelf and sits back down on her lone chair. its amazing!!

    great post!

    1. Thanks! Ooh that sounds enchanting, I'd be interested to read about it! x


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