Saturday, 8 March 2014

Stein am Rhein

 Stein am Rhein was our final stop on our Swiss journey. It's a very gorgeous little town. The buildings are decked out with frescoes and they have shops which sell army knives and pasta and nothing else which is kind of cute. So here is the final installment to my Switzerland collection. We also visited Kontstanz in Germany, but I didn't take many photos {no idea why}. I had a fantastic time immersed in my favourite language apart from English that is. Switzerland is very picturesque indeed. As I was taking the photo of the door, the woman who owned the shop was about to open it and she stood back to let me take my picture. Not sure why I just shared that but okay.

 I can't wait for the weather to pick up again. These photographs are killing me! What's the weather like where you are?

Anna x


  1. once again so lovely. thanks for sharing your travels with us. :) xx

  2. Ugh the photo quality is GORGEOUS - what camera do you use?

    Great post & stunning photos!

  3. ohhh these are gorgeous!!! goodness Switzerland is so gorgeous :))
    the weather here in Florida is actually on the "cold" side, in the 50s, which for us is like "cold"! haha but hopefully it'll be warm enough for flip flops again! xD
    - Gabi

  4. I agree with Gabrielle.. Switzerland is gorgeous!!!! I nominated you at my blog.


Thank you for your words x

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