Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bordeaux, France

 Nearly two years ago, my family and I went to Bordeaux, France. The amount of times I've written 'my family and I went to' is crazy. I can't believe how incredibly generous my parents are to bring me to all these stunning places. Editing all these travel photos just fills me with joy! I'm a lucky girl.
 Anyway, Bordeaux is probably most famous for its vineyards, which naturally, we visited. We went on a guided tour of two of them. Chateau Giscours being one. We had an enthusiastic tour guide, who made all the machinery seem very interesting and he fluently told us about all aspects of the wine making life. Very entertaining.
 I had a very nice time there. So far as I remember, the temperatures were on the hot side of things. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels around too. There's a great big park, with a fountain of horses which amused my family and I greatly. Bordeaux is a good place for tourists. It's a nice place.

Have you ever visited anywhere in France?

Anna x

All photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix L110


  1. Woah. These pictures are gorgeous. I love hearing about your travels!

  2. france is gorgeous! :) my mother is french so i've had the privilege to go there once a year ever since i was born. i'd love to go to ireland though! have a lovely day xx

    1. Thank you! France is lovely alright.

      Anna x


Thank you for your words x

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