Saturday, 7 June 2014

New York

 When I was thirteen, my dad surprised me. He came into my bedroom and sat down on my bed. "You know you have Easter holidays for two weeks in April, don't you?" he said. Shakily, I said yes. My mind raced. "Well I'm going to get you to New York or Chicago." Not going to lie, I might have burst into tears. My poor dad probably didn't know what to do with me! I had always wanted to go America, and to visit the American Girl Store as I may or may not have been obsessed. Three days later he booked our flights. It would be just me and him. I was so excited! In my homework journal I made a countdown of the number of days and checked them off as they passed by.
Dear Diary,
Aah! Going to bed... see you in New York.
xxx Anna (4 April 2012)

 The flight wasn't fun. Seven hours is not fun. The cushions they give you just get super uncomfortable the more you sit there. The movies are what keep you going. I think I watched two or three each way! I read a bit too. We arrived and it was great. I had a fantastic time. I had never been to America before and honestly New York just the same as in the movies and magazines. There really isn't too much to say, I enjoyed it very much. We ate out in various places including the American Girl Store itself. Nice.
 We visited a fair few of the attractions in our three days there. As you can see we visited Central Park and the Top of the Rock. Not pictured are Fifth Avenue, Grand Central Station and Times Square. I don't think I stopped grinning once on that trip!

Have you ever visited New York? What did you think?

Anna x

P.S horrifyingly, I'm in the middle of my Junior Cert exams at the moment! Agh! Wish me luck in my second week! Thank goodness for being able to schedule posts months in advance (seriously it's February...)


  1. Oh, New York. It looks like such an amazing place. And, being once of course a huge AG fan myself, I understand how incredibly exciting that must have been.

    And wow - photos of New York look amazing in black and white.

    1. Indeed it was a dream come true for me! Thanks Hannah :)

      Anna x


Thank you for your words x

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