Saturday, 21 June 2014


 I'm writing a blog post. I'm actually writing one. Okay. Long story short I've just finished my Junior Cert exams and just got my iPad back, seeing as from the 1st of May, I 'surrendered' it so I wouldn't get distracted. Anyway, I was determined to get a post up today as one of my summer goals is to get back into posting! Today, I'm just going to let you in on a recent obsession of mine; smoothies.
 I'm sure you can all guess how to make a smoothie. In fact I never measure ingredients, but what I love is how sweet and tasty and healthy they are. I usually freeze fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries and keep some in the freezer at all times. Then, when I want a smoothie, I can just take out roughly a handful of frozen fruit, pop it in the smoothie maker (which is literally just a blender with a spout thing that lets you poor your creation easily into a glass), along with one big banana - I used two fairly small ones above and a dash of fruit juice. That's it. 3 ingredients are all that's needed. It makes over 1 tall glass of smoothie. Although if the fruit you use is a little bit on the sour side, using a teaspoon of honey is a great sweetener. Trust me, I hate the taste of honey, but when I add it to a smoothie all I can taste is how sweet it is!
 Smoothies are definitely my 'to-go' drink of the past 3 months and will be for the summer. You really can add any kind of fruit, or even some kale and avacado, but I'm more of a berry fan myself! What's your stance on the smoothie situation?

Anna x

Updated to add: totally forget about the honey and use agave nectar for a fully vegan smoothie which tastes just as fantastic!


  1. Hello Anna! My name is July, and I found your blog via Amy Anne's blog and decided to take a look :) Anyway, I've been stalking around here for a bit and I LOVE your photography.... What camera do you use? You can count me in as a new follower!
    -July from

    1. Wow thanks, I'm flattered! I'm glad you like my blog, and thanks for following! I use a Nikon d3200 :)

      Anna x


      I don't know why but that makes me so happy ahaha (:

      Smoothies are my absolute favourite, so I think I might try this one out. Also, you gave up your IPad for a bit?? I'm so sorry *hugs*

      Amy // The Blog Hermit

    3. Yep, smoothies are the bomb haha! Hug much appreciated :)


  2. oh how i wish i had a blender! that smoothie looks so so yummy, woah!
    smoothies definitely equal summer. <3


Thank you for your words x

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