Saturday, 5 July 2014

Berlin in Black & White

 When I was twelve years old, my family and I went to Berlin, the capital of Germany for a few nights. I had only had my brand new camera for about a month, so I was eager to get snapping. Anything looked interesting, I would turn on my camera. I'd take off the lens cap, let it hang by the cord and point my camera, click the button. Done. That was kind of the beginning of my photographic interest. My camera was crammed with photos of things in my bedroom, in the garden, in Berlin and in our hotel. That was a good summer.

If you like photography, what got you started? I'd love to know!

Anna x

P.S my sister has just opened up a new blog dedicated to recipes, so we'd love it if you checked it out! 

All photos taken on Nikon Coolpix L110


  1. I started taking an interest in photography because I wanted better images to illustrate my blog posts. :)

    Love the tiger.

  2. I don't exactly remember when I took interest in photography, but I remember really wanting a camera for Christmas, getting one,(a point-and-shoot) and doing lots of photo shoots with friends. I eventually wanted something with better quality, and started reading about photography and saving up for my DSLR. Now I love it to death! Oh, and Berlin looks like a beautiful place, thanks for sharing the pictures!


  3. Guess who just nominated you for the Sunshine Award!



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