Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Question

 I have one question for you; what wakes you up in the morning?

 I don't mean the magpies attending their 5am meeting outside your window, or the builders as they drill and dig at far too early an hour. I'm not talking about your mother as her voice calls you in your dreams and then again in your darkened room, or that blasted alarm which sings out a chirpy, and quite frankly horrendous rendition of a wake up call.

 I'm talking about the grogginess you feel in your eyes and throat that travels into your chest and becomes a pleasant little flutter. The smile which wrestles with the muscles in your cheeks. The cool floor below you which tickles your toes when you finally kick your feet out of bed. I'm thinking of the grin which seems to fill each part of your brain, and tells you over and over about the fun you're going to have, what you're going to do for yourself, and indeed for others. The "this is going to be the day!" mentality which has you writing an abundance of to-do lists and goals, and gives you the motivation to complete everything on them.

 What does it for you? Duty, necessity, love, excitement? What pulls you from sleep and drags you out of bed in the mornings?

Anna x


  1. Duty. I have to get up and go to work. But this morning I got up early (for a Saturday, at least!) to take photos for my summer collection. It was definitely necessity, but excitement as well.

    xo, rn

  2. probably the fact that there are loads of photo taking opportunities ahead of me (:

    amy // The Blog Hermit

  3. Lately, it's been necessity. Summer is supposed to be for sleeping in, but I work and sometimes I just draaaaaaag myself out of bed and around to the house to the car, and I want bed and soft pillows and that blessed darkness...
    but when I do get to sleep in as long as I like, I lie in bed and stare at the walls, the ceiling, sometimes listen to music or the sounds of the house waking up. And I get up when I'm good and ready, the whole day spread like a blank canvas in front of me..because as any artist knows, you can't leap into a painting (or a poem!). You have to prepare for it, first, and I like taking time with my mornings, too.

  4. I'm not a morning person, so I like to say that I'm not really "awake" until nine or ten, regardless of when I physically got out of bed. During the school year, I think leaving the house is what wakes me up. In the summer, I either wake up for the sake of exciting plans, or I wake up late and happily drowse about until lunch. :)

  5. This post is beautifully written. Just wow.
    I'm not sure what gets me up. Perhaps its my thoughts from the previous night, expecting the course of the day.
    Oh, I know what it is.
    Often it's school. I wake up from pleasant (or down right strange) dreams, only to remember I have school to do today, before I can enjoy something I want to do.


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