Thursday, 30 June 2016

The 1989 World Tour // Dublin, 30 June 2015

It's been exactly a year since I saw Taylor Swift in concert, and seeing as her tour has been long since wrapped up and new rumours and gossip have emerged in the months which followed, perhaps I needn't be writing this at all. But here's the thing; I can honestly say that being at that concert meant the world to me. Each day for a week straight afterwards, I awoke with a huge smile on my face because of how great it had been.

To cut a long story short, I ended up getting two tickets for the second night and went with my sister, leaving my unhappy German exchange student behind. I was beaming, my sister and I wore matching outfits. I had a green "13" painted on my hand and red lipstick on my lips. I was not a longterm Taylor fan. In fact, it had only been in October of the previous year that I started listening closely to her music and watched countless interviews and waded through tumblr looking at her fanbase there. I no longer cared about nor believed the media's portrayal of her. She stood for something positive. She was the first person who had ever truly managed to communicate to me that it is genuinely much more fun to be yourself and not care about what people think. I lapped up the message, and literally jumped for joy when the man at the 3Arena handed me my wristband.

I was a fan of Vance Joy too, to a lesser extent, but could play a couple of his tunes on guitar and was overjoyed to hear that he'd be the supporting act. So, after we had bought out 1989 t-shirts and strategically placed ourselves near the railings (we had standing tickets. More on that later), I enjoyed every moment of Vance's performance. It really was a treat!

As soon as he had finished his set, I caught a glimpse of Scott Swift, Taylor's dad, standing near the railings. I really wanted to go and say hello to him, but I didn't want the security guards to give out to me for going too close to the fence, nor for my sister to be confused when I was suddenly missing. However, after a couple of unheard calls of "Scott! Scott!", I felt that it was my duty to go over. He was genuinely so nice to talk to. My sister soon realised where I had gone and joined me. Scott asked us if we were from around here, and if we had seen the first show. Then I blurted out "I love your daughter" to which he replied "She's just like you" which was absolutely amazing to hear. I think he probably meant it as in she's a normal person, but it was nearly too much for my fangirling heart. He spoke to us a little bit longer, told us that it was a "great show" and to enjoy ourselves before handing us some 1989 picks. I got three and my sister two, so I gave one away to my exchange student in an act of "sorry you couldn't make it".

A short while later, Taylor herself came out on stage. The concert was literally amazing. She played the majority of songs from the album she was promoting, including the "extras" and mashups. She played an updated version of "Love Story" and had a killer set of abs costumes and backup dancers. Her voice sounded different, just because it was actual real life and not a recording and it was really good in person, even if later clips of mine (which I'm never sharing because you can hear my obnoxious singing all too well) suggest otherwise. She whipped out "Holy Ground" as a tribute to the fact that she didn't bring her RED Tour here and gave an ever beautiful Clean Speech. Confetti swirled up into the air as she said her au revoirs and at that moment, after a few sightings, I finally grabbed the attention of Andrea Swift who came over and gave myself and my sister a hug.

It was nothing short of incredible. I loved every moment and of course felt very very lucky to have met both of her parents. She played all the songs that I wanted to hear from 1989. It really consolidated my appreciation for her to see her in person. And for her parents to be so nice to me was a treat.

I know that since there have been all kinds of rumours and tabloid stories as well as genuine mistakes she's made. However, that one night isolated was everything, and no matter how many clickbait articles float around, I'm still filled with happiness to think back on that night. I've only ever been to three concerts; Paul McCartney twice and Taylor Swift, but I think it'll be very hard to match this one!

What's the best concert you've ever been to? x

All the concert/unclear shots were taken with the iPhone 4, the wall ones with the Nikon D3200 as usual

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cambridge I - The City

Back at the beginning of March, I took a plane to London, and then a train to Cambridge. Cambridge is the home of the 4th highest ranking university in the world. For many scholars, going there is a dream and ambition. It's a small city. Everything is within walking distance, including the university's 31 colleges. It's a quaint place, filled with students, locals, places to eat, shops, and stunning architecture.

Have you ever been to England? x

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