Saturday, 10 September 2016

Dublin // The Quays

Dublin city  is divided into North and South by the River Liffey. There are a total of 24 bridges across it, with everyone's favourite being "The Ha'penny Bridge". It's really very long and has all kinds of things on  it such as the Convention Centre and the 3Arena. Too many shops and businesses run along it. Seeing as it is so. wide., I'm only really showing you a very small section, the area that you are likely to see when you're crossing from North to South in the city centre, and vice versa.

The Ha'penny Bridge

Stumbled across this really cool bookshop called "The Winding Stair" which is apparently one of Ireland's oldest surving independent bookshops!

Have you discovered anywhere new in your locality recently? x

part 1 - temple bar // part 2 - the south side // part 4 - the sweet stuff // part 5 - the north side


Thank you for your words x

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