Saturday, 8 October 2016

Dublin // North of the Liffey

As I discussed previously in "The Quays", Dublin is divided into North and South by the River Liffey. Each side has its own distinct character. Today I'm going to (in a couple of senses) walk you through the North Side.

Above is O'Connell Street, once known as Sackville Street. It's a very wide street, lined with all kinds of businesses. It's also embelished with many monuments, such as the spire (the big needle thing) and the rather elaborate O'Connell Statue. There are some beautiful buildings here too, but you need to look up at them, and ignore the often ugly modern shopfronts.

Capel Street

O'Connell Street leads to Henry Street, which is one of two main shopping streets in Dublin. Pictured above is one of the North Side's shopping centres, called the Jervis Shopping Centre. Dublin has many of the same shops as other European countries, and Britain also. For example, Forever 21, Topshop and Marks & Spencer.

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