Friday, 14 July 2017

when i felt most beautiful

He asked me to dance,
And with every twirl,
And every shoulder glance,
A small piece of glitter
Stuck to his big navy sleeve.

And then, when I saw him
Later, with another girl,
His arm a new glittery limb,
That was the evening 
I felt most beautiful.

Because, when, in the morning,
I would be clean (and gone),
His big navy sleeve would forever hold
The sparkle that had shone.

Anna O

Taken with the iPhone 4


  1. This is lovely. The whole concept of the sparkles brings up a good tie back to something greater. I love it.

  2. Thank you so much Vanessa xx

  3. Beautiful poem. <3 How in the world did you come up with the glitter idea? It's very expressive. :)

  4. Thank you so much Jo! Inspiration comes from all around, metaphor mixed with real life makes things feel magical. xx

  5. Love your beautiful post, love the breathtaking picture as well, thank you for sharing!!!


  6. Very kind of you! Thank you Nora xx

  7. It's a good piece! It reminded me of the short story Dead Stars... but maybe that's just the emphasis on the sparkle in the poem.

    mia | chaotic tales

  8. Thank you Mia! I'll have to read that xx

  9. Wow, beautiful photo! I love that it was taken on an iphone as well. :)

  10. This is really a lovely piece! I don't know why its quite giving me of that coming-of-age vibe that reminded me of Never Let Me Go movie! x

  11. Thank you so much Nerissa- this pleases me very much as coming-of-age is lit my favourite genre <3

  12. Thank you! A moment should not be missed just because you don't have a proper camera with you :)


Thank you for your words x

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