Friday, 1 September 2017

3 ways to display your photos featuring Printiki

I don't know about you, but personally I've been gathering photos on my phone and SD card that I love, but are so random and disconnected from each other. There are those funny photos from nights out with friends, magical sunsets, landscapes and dog pictures that I hold dear to my heart but have no idea what to do with. I decided it was finally time to get some printed, and with the help of Printiki, I did just that.

They arrived, beautiful and vibrant, exactly what I wanted. I had 30 perfect squares to work with, and now had to decide what to do with them. I decided that for the first craft, I would do the traditional picture wall, a sweet piece of decor for the previously boring and blank space above my desk.

1. Wall Art

I initially chose to do two rows of seven. It was both fun and challenging to choose photographs which would go nicely together, but I think I managed. Once I'd finished picking out the photos for other crafts, I went back and stuck up more. Now that I'm finished school, I understand why university students often have photo collages on their dormitory walls; it's so nice to be able to look up and relive some of my fondest memories, and to see the faces of my dear friends.

2. Journal Page

I have rather a small journal, but these photos still fit nicely! Having your journal littered decorated with photos is a nice way to punctuate foreign trips, days with friends, or simple moments in time, such as babysitting your nephew or giving your sister a hug! The bullet-style journal I have is fun too, because you can join up the dots to create frames around your photographs.

3. Decorate your Folders, Binders and Notebooks
shout out to the lighting for reminding me of late night study sessions
Who doesn't love to personalise their school supplies? I remember the first time I designed the cover of my binder, aged 11, all of my friends were impressed by and envious of it. When you're in the middle of a long school day, or boring college class, it can be nice to look down at your work and see familiar faces or beautiful tropical scenes. There's something quite comforting about it all!

Please have a look at Printiki's website to learn more about their printing service, and their instagram for more ideas of ways to display your prints!

Do you like getting photos printed?

Anna x


  1. I've always preferred printed photographs over digital ones. Memories feels more real that way and it feels more sentimental and important.

  2. I love getting photos printed! I wish I remembered to do it more often ... I like to tack them up in my office space and frame them in my room - mostly pictures of people who are important to me so I feel like I'm always surrounded by the ones I love :)

  3. I enjoy having physical copies of photos too. I love all the things you did with yours.

  4. I printed my pictures from a vacation once and loved the concept of just scrapbooking everything. Wall art is definitely my favorite - especially when you have a lot of rows and columns! That's something I'd definitely do, but probably with a frame, so the pictures don't warp over time @__@.

  5. Thank you so much Skye :)

  6. Yes! It's so nice to feel like you're with people you love, in spirit if nothing else! x

  7. That's a good suggestion! A frame would definitely be a great way to preserve them better. x

  8. I love the idea of creating wall art with your pictures. It'll be so cool to print them out and then use different sized frames to create a gallery wall of some sort. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  9. That's so cute. You have a nice room!

  10. I feel like I got photos printed more often when film photography was around. These days it's easy to forget to get photos printed because I carry them with me on my phone. I have an instax mini, but sometimes I wish I could get my photos printed in a different format for journaling and such. I like how you decorated your journal page with a picture from your travels :D

  11. Thank you so much Sheene!

  12. Thank you Demilade! A gallery wall is a great idea.

  13. Thank you Audrey, I think I'll have to agree with you there. :)


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