Sunday, 21 January 2018

where you've left me

you made me forget me
and i loved you for that.
usually, i wonder and then worry
how i sound
what they make of me
if they like me
how i can do better,
how i can be friendlier,
nicer, prettier, finer.
but it stopped with you.
it was rare and beautiful,
and you didn't see it.

now i'm back home again.
i'm back to broken routines
that i make new every day,
i'm back to wondering what they think-
i know i should stop-
and you're not here
and i'm okay with that
i don't mind that you're gone,
but i suppose i don't know what comes next
and i feel silly for even saying it
but that's how things are
and i'm okay with that too
so thank you for then,
i'll go and find now.


Thank you for your words x

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