Sunday, 4 March 2018

On Uncertainty

Where shall I go?
I knew it before, I knew it for years and now I'm here
Doing what I said I'd always do but somehow it does not satisfy me
Because only some of it is true, not all,
For I am here as I am but who am I?
I know these people, these new friends
These old friends, these girls I never knew but still know
I know these walls and now these buildings 
And yet I seek something else, but what?
My life is oddly similar to before,
I thought it would be more different
But it's still so known and yet I've been torn from what I know
Are mere walls all that restrain me from my past?
I wish for all my life that the future could tell me something
Tell me the worth of the wait
The way that not knowing what you do know is better.
When will I stop wishing my life away?
When will the present be all I need?
When will holidays and dates and plans stop being the things I look forward to?
When will I settle down in this life?
When will I stop trying to make decisions for myself, that don't need to be made?
Not yet, I suppose.
Not yet.

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  1. I have these feelings a lot. I wish I could see the future. Lovely work!


Thank you for your words x

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