Saturday, 12 May 2018

SAAL Digital Wall Decor Review

Before I get started, I want to sincerely thank the team at SAAL Digital for sending me these wall decors to review. They were incredibly patient with me when I needed more time! I also want to state that all opinions on the products are my own.

I've used SAAL Digital once before, when I reviewed their photobooks. I loved mine so much that my mum and I began work on producing our own family album, which almost a year later, is still in the works. So, when I saw that SAAL was looking for more reviewers I decided to give it another shot, and chose two very different images to see how they'd turn out.

I was granted a voucher and got to choose whatever I wanted in terms of prints, such as canvas, foamboard, acrylic and alu-dibond. I've always been curious about acrylic prints, so decided to give them a go. I chose the 10 x 15 cm which I believe is the smallest size. You're able in most cases to come up with custom dimensions if you'd like to. It was really through my own miscalculation that I was surprised at how small mine came out. I expected them to be bigger, but 10x15 is the size of your standard printed photograph, which I should have thought about more, as the wow-factor is slightly diminished by how small they are. I also went for standard mounting, but as I've yet to find a suitable place to hang these, they haven't been put up yet. You have to mount them yourself which is good in one way, because if you decide against, you can just leave the photos as are, but equally I can see myself attaching the mounting in a very lopsided way which wouldn't be great.

The cool thing about acrylics is that you can kind of see through the side of them. This makes light really enter the photo. For that reason, I'd recommend only getting brightly coloured photos printed in acrylic. I think that my church ceiling one came out well enough, but really pales in comparison to my bright blue landscape.

Below is the landscape I got printed for reference. The other photo is buried rather deep in a hard drive, so apologies for not providing it:

There were absolutely no flaws on my pictures, and they are incredibly high-quality prints. The postage was even faster than last time I ordered, and not too highly-priced. I definitely recommend SAAL, and hope to use their services again, especially this summer when my mum and I finally finish work on our photobook!


All photos taken on the iPhone SE


  1. I've missed your blog! Glad to see your still up to it! This decor is awesome!
    Simply Me

  2. Thank you Vanessa! I always value your support <3


Thank you for your words x

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