Thursday, 28 June 2018

her perfection

A day of dreams and sun was all she could think about. A day where she could cartwheel and lie in the grass and drink cold lemonade and get a tan. She thought about all the people who’d be with her, but still be far away. How she wouldn’t feel anything but peace, with daisies around her and grass stains on her knees. The clouds would be there alright, they’re pretty and they don’t have to mean bad things like silver linings and rain. There would be birdsong but no birds. There would be a breeze but no wind. The time would feel infinite, although it would end. There would be a marvelous sunset with pinks and oranges and tears in her eyes from the feeling of seeing it. There would be something exciting around the corner, something she looked so forward to without wishing the perfect day by. There would be a picnic. Who would be there? There would be no rain. She’s seen enough rain. There would be no headaches from the sun either. There would be a black and white dog sleeping and running and panting and drinking water. There would be music, someone would have a guitar and a voice. A harmonica for a minute, but then it would be gone. There would be wheat and the feeling of velvet. There would be freckles and green eyes and blue eyes and an unread book on the picnic blanket. No one would read it, but it would look nice, right there on the corner of the gingham. The cars would be far away from there, the path indistinguishable. No farm animals, one plane overhead, no farm houses, soft colours. No one would be missing from that scene but it would be so calm and everyone would be pleasantly sleepy but not tired. There would be two bicycles lying in the grass near but far away. A lake far away but near. Ice cream that stayed cool in the basket but dripped all over her hands in the sun. A smile that no one asked for but was on everyone's lips. The day would be warm but not too hot. The flowers... But for now, she put those thoughts away for a freer time and turned on her side and slept.

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