Friday, 1 June 2018

June Playlist 2018

I thought I would put together a little playlist for June in celebration of the (approaching) summer!. I'm so so happy that the weather is picking up, the clothes are getting way comfier and also stylish(?) I sense so much ice cream and so many lie-ins in my future, I can hardly wait! I've never shared a playlist before, so I hope you like it. The songs I've chosen are ones I listen to all the time, and really give me that lifted-up summer spirit. They're generally pretty chill too. I like to listen to a lot of older music so that's what this is focused on for the main part.

Any songs you think I should add? Or just listen to in general? I'm always open to suggestions!

Also, I have changed my domain name. I know it's a bit of a crazy step to take, but there are so many blogs with "zu hause" in the tile, I thought it might be easier to identify this way. I may do a separate blog post on this process as I have learned so. much. through this seemingly simple transition!

Love as always,

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