Saturday, 18 August 2018

6 Years of Blogging

This day 6 years ago I nervously asked my dad if it'd be okay if I started a new blog. A proper blog, with pictures and my name. I had previously had other blogs where I scanned drawings at best, or posted two sentence long posts about whatever was in my head that day. I didn't think he'd say yes (no idea why not), but was completely delighted when he did. It was my chance to create a space where I could put up all the things I loved to create as a young teenager.

I've had some trouble trying to import old blogger comments, so unfortunately I can't show how things really went in those early months, but I had the support of old internet friends, some of whom are still mutuals, and it was just a nice time. I started with a simple "hello world" and went from there.

I've never been a consistent blogger, honestly I think few of us are. Life always gets in the way for the many of us who blog as a hobby rather than a job or source of income. I've always blogged for the fun of it, for the chance to showcase my writing in recent years as well as photography. This little spot has grown with me, that's for sure. If you ever want to look back at some of my older posts, you'll see how much more slapdash and short they are. Many of the travel ones are just long streams of photos with little commentary. It's funny what changes, and of course, what stays the same.

It's hard to say what exact highlights are. I did a couple of guest posts earlier on in my blogging career that I was so delighted with, but unfortunately a photobucket incident means they're not very readable anymore. Getting sent things by companies like Printiki and CaseApp has felt very reassuring and rewarding. Getting comments and really beautiful responses from long time and short time readers has been really special. Every single comment fills me with such joy, as I feel like I've made an impact, big or small. The 112 bloglovin followers I've amassed and the 50 blogger followers are really something to celebrate (if we pretend that there are no annoying bots on bloglovin lol) and I want to let you know how much I appreciate your choice to follow my journey.

Blogging is not an easy game. Readership comes and goes, staying relevant is never easy. All the social media stuff can be and feel so tedious. I've been very lucky to have received only helpful and kind comments, but I know that the internet can be a darker place too. Nevertheless, it always feels worth it.

So, here's to the future of Zu Hause! I have so many more posts planned. So many more ways I want to share this space with you, and I hope you'll join me for the ride. Thank you so much for reading this, and for being a part of my blog's story. It would not be a blog without my wonderful readers and friends.

Anna x

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