Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Celebrating The Swiss National Day with Fireworks

The day started with me waking up way earlier than I usually do. I put the final few things in my suitcase and carry-on and said goodbye to my house and dog. A goodbye to last 5 weeks. I was nervous, I both wanted and didn't want to be away from home. I'm a homebody and probably always will be. Then I said goodbye to my family. It was hard because you don't want to part ways sooner than you have to, nor do you want to be stuck saying goodbye forever. My flight was alright, a bit bumpy, only 20 minutes later than scheduled. I was happy to land and feel the warm air, so much warmer than my own country, and happier still to be reunited with my best friend.

I had to change out of my black jeans and long sleeved top, I had to sit in front of fans and drink lots of water to ease my body into the 15 degree Celsius change in temperature. We caught up and talked for ages and went back out into the city. It was lovely. It was new and old and happy. We started the evening with sparklers in the bathroom, then brought them to the city. We ended the night with a special fireworks show along the Rhine. We sat and then stood on the old bridge, which was filled with citizens of Basel as well as tourists. The street lamps were shut off and a hush began among the crowd. Then the fireworks started, and they were beautiful. A full 25 minute show of them. It was magical, and felt like such a strong welcome. I had no idea what we'd do when I arrived early that afternoon, and to be standing on a packed bridge surrounded by "oohs" "ahhs" and a brightly lit sky was surreal.

A good start to my continental summer.

Anna x

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