Saturday, 5 April 2014

The West of Ireland

 These photographs have been sitting unedited on my computer for easily a year and a half. These were taken the couple of days after I first got my DSLR, around my fourteenth birthday. They're not perfect, and the weather was pretty rubbish so that didn't help things either. They tell a story though.
 It's fair to say that Ireland is a green place. Not in the towns, but if you take the car and go just a little  bit further you will happen upon sheep. For ages I denied to myself that there were sheep all over Ireland, but now having successfully gone to different places in each Provence, I can confirm that Ireland may as well be called sheepland. There are seriously sheep living beside beaches.
 Ireland is a place filled with natural beauty. It's hard for me to attempt to capture it because I've not yet mastered the whole 'tourist in my own country' thing. However, the cliffs and fields and ruins and (rocky) beaches are fabulous. A lot of people here take pride in the fact that we have bogs. Personally, I think they're a bit manky. Don't kill me.

 What do you like about the country you live in?

Anna x
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