Saturday, 6 August 2016

Meet My Golden Retriever

It's been a very long time since I've spoken about my dog, Daisy. In fact, she was five months old last time I wrote a post dedicated to her. Now, this English Cream Golden Retriever is nearing her third birthday and has shown us all the quirks of her very unique personality.

When we journied to Roscommon in the autumn of 2013, we were expecting to come home with a bubbly, loving and affectionate dog. A dog who would spend days and nights providing us with cuddles and love. We thought she'd love people.

How wrong we were.

Daisy is far from normal. It took her the best part of two years to show any interest in us, prefering by far bread and popcorn. She was disobedient (apart from when there was food involved; then she was an angel) and terrified of everybody she ever met.

Nowadays she spends her time falling in love with soft toys, toting them around like newborn puppies in her mouth, until one day, one of us looks out into the garden to see it covered in fluff and toy innards. She shows no remorse. She likes her alone time, and she likes playing watchdog. She'll sit in any doorway she can, keeping an eye on us and her lair. She likes walks now, and can do a variety of tricks. She even seeks us out, giving us the cuddles we dreamt of for two years. Only at nighttime though, when she's all tuckered out. She actually prefers us to other dogs.

However, she still is afraid of children and any other human who decides that it's okay to come to our house. She's better than she was, but still frightened.

She runs like a maniac bunny rabbit and cries when she doesn't get her way. Her ears are incredibly expressive, to the point where my family and I have come up with distinct terms for their various positionings, "Dobby" being the most recent, and named after everybody's favourite house-elf, fitting in more ways than one because of our dog's love of socks.

We love her to the point where we now can no longer imagine a world in which our clothes are not laden with long, white dog hairs. Even at nearly three, she shows us new things, and can learn new tricks with ease.

Maybe she'll eventually be sociable, that would be the dream. If you have any tips for helping us with that aspect, I will attend to them with no hesitation.

Daisy is an explorer, in fact, in the pictures you see above, she burst through the kitchen door and legged it up to my room for the sheer thrill of it. I let her stay under the conditions that she let me do a mini photo-shoot.

She's beautiful. Maybe we're all just biased, but she turns heads, delights walkers. Daily, we tell her so. I wonder if she understands us...

In just a few short days, she'll be three years old.

Do you have any family pets? If so, describe them to me!

p.s. we recently made an instagram for her if you're in the mood to see more!


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